III International PMU congress in Moscow

20 April 2017 | Intercharm Professional, Moscow

PMU Congress program

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Maud Ravier (France)
«Candy Lips including light-bubble» and «Cupid’s Arc».
Lecture. Demonstration. Master-class.

Elena Nikora (Amiea, Moscow, Russia)
Microneedling — омоложение кожи с помощью аппарата для перманентного макияжа.
Lecture. Demonstration. Master-class.

Alina Solovieva (Moscow, Russia)
When black isn't black and white isn't white.
Lecture. Demonstration.

Genya Denizeri (Istanbul, Turkey)
Hairs with 3D shading in permanent make-up eyebrows.
Lecture. Demonstration. Master-class.

Claudia Ades (Milan, Italy)
Areola micropigmentaton.
Lecture. Demonstration.

VMakarova Elena (MyStyle Russia, Rostov-on-Don)
Permanent make-up removal. What way of PMU removal to choose: camouflage, tattoo remover, laser?
Lecture. Demonstration.

Elena Belinskaya (MyStyle Russia, Samara)
Permanent eyebrow make-up in mixed technique. Fine hair lines result.
Lecture. Demonstration. Master-class.

Natalya Pagolskaya (MyStyle Russia, Saint-Petersburg)
Lips esthetics: permanent make-up results.
Lecture. Demonstration.

Elena Moskvicheva (Moscow, Russia)
Permanent make-up. Rules: свобода и ограничения для мастера и руководителя.
Lecture. Discussion.

Natalya Serkina (Russia, Saint-Petersburg)
Technique of lights and emphasis as an extra focus in PMU procedure.
Lecture. Demonstration. Master-class.

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Please be advised that the current program of PMU Congress is temporary and may be amended by the Organizers.